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About Me

You matter to me!

If you would like an empathetic, intuitive and knowledgeable teacher, then I am the one for you! I completed my comprehensive training in Pilates is in the B.A.S.I Pilates method in 2001.  As a result of being certified since 1981 in "Structural Integration", (a Somatic approach to Rolfing), I have a keen eye for alignment and stress patterns.  I am able to tailor your work out to your particular needs.  Your session can be athletic or a slow rehabilitative Somatic session,- or a combination of both.  I have interned in a Classical Pilates studio, and worked in Pole-Star educated Physical Therapy Pilates business'. I am educated in  working with seniors, athletes, and in post and prenatal care. I have also studied Pelvic floor rehabilitation and Pilates for golf. I am a Master teacher trainer in Poolates.

I am also a Certified Somatic movement Instructor and educator. I am available for private Pilates and duets in Montecito at Coast Village Physical Therapy. I am available for privates in downtown Santa Barbara at Aligned Pilates. I also teach group reformer classes at Grassroots Pilates located in downtown Santa Barbara.


Please contact me on the LETS CHAT FORM or WHATS AP and cell 805-570-5121

Private Pilates Price is $90

Duets are $65 per person

Pilates: About Me

Client Testimonials

“Michele put me immediately at ease with her confidence, knowledge and sensitive communication style. She understood my needs and developed an in-home program that was comfortable, challenging and easily adaptable to my environment and schedule.” Susan Sully, Santa Barbara

Pilates: Testimonials
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