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This is Rocky after his Somatic Session..
His mom said that he
"looks gorgeous, like liquid, soft, and enticing."

What is Canine Hanna Somatics?, -and why does it feel so good?

If you have ever observed your dog yawn or stretch then you have seen them move Somatically from the inside out. This is called Pandiculation.  In a Canine Hanna Somatics session I invite the dog to contract muscles, followed by a slow, controlled lengthening to full rest. 

Canine Hanna Somatics is a hands-on body-oriented modality that is based upon pandiculation. It is a re-patterning technique, and is it is how the human and animal system resets the muscle tension balance. This powerful neuromuscular re-patterning technique helps your dog feel better after vaccinations, surgery, accidents, acute or chronic joint or spinal issues, PTSD and other emotional upset.

We will work on a mat on the floor, or a table, depending on what is appropriate.  I will slowly and gently invite the dogs' legs, arms and spine to pandiculate.  Some dogs will whimper with pleasure or get tired or sleep as a result of releasing deeply held muscle tension and having more breathing capability.

The first session is a time for you to introduce me to your dog. During this initial 30-minute session, I will do a visual assessment, palpation (touch) assessment, walking assessment, and hands-on work. I am willing to teach you to do the Somatic movements on your dog so that you are empowered to help your animal and grow your bond as well!

I am available in the Santa Barbara, CA. area and on zoom.  I charge $60 for an hour session. Please contact me on the LETS CHAT FORM or WHATS APP and cell, 805-570-5121

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Faith is an 18 year old rescued  miniature poodle. She had a session with Michelle.
I believe that it relaxed her and eased her tension. She slept peacefully all night.
Thank you, Michelle for your patience with this sassy little girl.  AC



Rocky began the session with a sore hind end. His legs were tracking in towards in mid-line. After the session his legs were more appropriately aligned and he became very energized.

Patricia Lambert


Taylee started the session in a very crabby mood,- as he did have a low growl.  He has arthritis and we could tell that he did not feel 100% well.  After the session he softened and he bonded with Michele, and then rested the rest of the day.


Canine Hanna Somatics: Testimonials
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