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Learn to Meditate with your Pet

Building better bodies, brains and bonds with Animal Reiki!

Animal Reiki consists of Japanese meditations that stimulate the para-sympathetic part of the human and the animal brain. The result is deep relaxation, stress reduction, and a deeper bond with your pet. Contact me if you are interested in learning Animal Reiki for your own pets, or if you wish to attend a  LetAnimalsLead® Animal Reiki Certification course. I am a Level three Animal Reiki practitioner and an Animal Reiki teacher trainer. I am available to offer Reiki to your pet in person and I am also for long distance sessions.  Long distance and in person Animal Reiki sessions are $60.  Subscription pricing is available upon request. Meditation class is $60 an hour for both for both in person and zoom training.  LetAnimalsLead® Animal Reiki certifications are done in person and the price is $400 per person. You must commit to 12 hours of class time and additional homework and practice time. Students receive a 250 page manual and ongoing  support form the Let Animals Lead© teacher training community. Upon certification will be approved to join the
SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association). Contact me on the this websites' LETS CHAT FORM, WHAT APP or my cell phone, -805-570-5121

Animal Reiki : About

Group Reiki Meditation with Equine,- Sage


In the LetAnimalsLead© method of Animal Reiki, we give the animal agency.  They are free to come and go, to seek out touch or not, to eat or drink, lay down or stand.



Misha's intention for learning Animal Reiki is to help her in her pet profession as a dog groomer. When she is grooming a dog that is nervous or aggressive she can create the 'reiki space'.

Misha and Sage after the session

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When we meditate together bonds are built between us and the animals, and with each other.

Sage, Misha and Gon


"I bought a Clydesdale mare about a month ago, and when she got to me she was basically untouchable. We couldn’t get her to take treats, she didn’t want to be around us, and was honestly just scared out of her mind. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we had Michele do a communication session with some reiki with our Annie girl. She was able to tell us much more about Annie’s past, and how Annie would prefer us to interact with her. She is now taking treats, running up to me in the pasture, and follows me like a puppy dog. Having Michele identify how to earn Annies trust saved us stress, anxiety, and time and now we can focus on training and progress instead of trying to figure out how to even be around her.
After our initial session with Michele, I reached back out because the farrier was coming and Annie would freak out if we tried to touch her legs and had only been trimmed in stocks, so I wanted to make sure we could set her up for success when the farrier came out. Not only did Michele do another long distance reiki session and communication with Annie to explain what was going to happen, but also did a walk through with me on what Reiki was and how to practice it so I can do it with Annie on my own. I truly couldn’t be more thankful for Michele’s help, she really helped us understand our horse and visa versa. Annie is no longer in “flight or fight” mode and is so much more relaxed and open to training and socializing with people- and I believe that has a lot to do with the long distance Reiki with Michele. 10/10 experience!"-DNM

Annie and Denise

Animal Reiki : Testimonials

Reiki for Rescued Horses

Their stories and how Let Animals Lead ™ Reiki Method helped them


We think that Savannah was a race horse because of the faded numbers tattooed in her mouth. She had been bred and she had been shackled in a yard and starved. She has PTSD and can not always control her aggression towards humans.  Today she shared Reiki with me and came very close with kind and welcoming eyes.



Rocky was a therapeutic riding horse who was going to be put down because of his extreme food aggression.  He is now in Sanctuary, but still has the habit of being food aggressive.  Today he was able to "sit in Reiki", and let go of his habit of always 'patroling' the feeder, and moving the other horses away.  Just like us, it is a relief for animals to forget about their habits and stress based behaviors for a while.



Diego was abandoned before he was rescued. Because of his scars, we think he was caught in barbed wire at some point.  We know he has some PTSD.  When the group sits in Reiki he feels safe enough to lay down in the middle of the group!


Animal Reiki : Testimonials
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